is here.

It's not going away;
it's not a passing fad.

Be where your
customers are:
in social media."
- Lori Ruff
                          is here.
It's not going away;
it's not a passing fad.

Be where your customers are:
in social media."
- Lori Ruff
"social media 

Web design, landing page,
& click funnel design

social media

authentic media content 

seo, google adwords, &
ad campaigns

email campaigns &
list generation

reputation management 

graphic design

branding & Strategy

Media content coverage with our professional photographers and videographers, so that we keep your content honest and authentic. 

Logo, branding, and graphic design, for all your publication and marketing essentials. 

Keeping your reputation 
noble online, we monitor reviews and handle negative reviews with excellent customer service.

We connect small businesses with their customers, building loyal client relationships via email.

We work to brand our clients and develop their story. Then customize a sales strategy and funnel system to generate leads, sales, and growing their following.

We manage your social media, so that you can run your business.
We handle everything from content with educating, engaging, and entertaining! 

UX & UI Design, building professional and creative websites!
Setup your site to get conversions,
that generate interest and sales. 

Get clicks and traffic directed to not only your website, but also foot traffic to your storefront! 
We strategize, working with social media's algorithms, to give your your ads REACH and engagement!

Services we Offer

Brightberry Marketing is an exclusive social media and digital marketing agency. We help business owners expand their reach, by trafficking their ideal clients to their business locations, so they can take their numbers to the next level.

Every business is different.

So our objective FIRST is to listen to your needs,
SECOND, to visualize your brand and story,
and LASTLY, to implement a strategy that works to achieve your goals!

How our
Process Works

1. Free Consultations

Our process begins by offering a free consultation to present a vision board for branding, media objectives, understanding your story, and a strategy to implement your call to actions that all works within your budget!

2. Branding & Writing your Story

Every business has a story,
a reason they're passionate about their product and/or services.
Your customers buy your "WHY" - not your "WHAT." 

With our team of GRAPHIC DESIGNERS and COPYWRITERS, we work to organize your colors, brand, and story so that it relates to your target audience!

3. Content is King

With growing trends of social media marketing,
our job is to ensure your content 

We provide you with our experienced MEDIA TEAM of VIDEOGRAPHERS & PHOTOGRAPHERS, UI & UX services,
that prides ourselves on professional authentic content.

4. Web Design, Click Funnels, and Landing Pages

In a digital age, it's essential to your business to hire a
WEB DESIGNER. Having a website, click funnel, or other landing page - that's clearly defined for desktop and mobile use. This way, your customers understand your call to actions and gives your business instant credibility. 

We provide these services through
Wordpress and Click Funnels.

5. SEO, Digital PR, and Ad Campaigns

The last element to this marketing medly,
is to ensure your content has REACH.

Did you know, Facebook only promotes 1% of your organic (free) content? And that customers are 90% more likely to choose a business that is on the first page on Google?

With Ad Campaigns on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and more - we're able to strategically target thousands of people that meet the criteria for your ideal clients. There's more - we're ALSO able to see the data for clients that have visited your business, stopped by your website, made a purchase, or watched your videos for more then 10 seconds. Yes, the list goes on! Don't waste your ad dollar with someone who can't give you this data - digital ad campaigns are the most affordable and effective way to market your business!

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